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Referee Info

Referee FAQs

What if I only want to work Saturday mornings and ref recreational soccer games, or want to try refing without completing the full licensing process?   


A great way to try reffing is to ref rec. soccer games. There is a simpler process to get started and this gives you a chance to try it out before taking the full referee license courses. Here is some info on rec. only refereeing:

  •  Contact Lisa Berry-Koeppen refcoordinator@greatriversc.org  or 763-350-5233 and let her know that you are interested
  • Attend one of the Saturday morning training sessions. Training sessions are from 8 am to noon on the first OR second Sat of the beginning of the rec season.
  • Uniform and additional equipment for rec. only referees:
    • Wear all black: yellow shirt provide by club
    • Have a watch (with a stopwatch), a whistle and a coin to toss
    • Cleats are recommended, especially on mornings where there is dew on the grass.


Are there any special requirements to being a referee?

  • No there are no special requirements beyond normal labor laws. Anyone can referee, even those that have never played soccer before can complete training and become a referee. This is a great job for:
    • Current and former soccer players
    • Parents of soccer players
    • High School or College students
    • Community members looking for additional income


How do I sign up to become a licensed referee, so I can ref. competitive games?

  1. Complete Referee Minnesota State Referee Committee registration and training:

  • Register with Minnesota State Referee Committee (MN SRC) here.
  • Pay the registration fees, complete online training, attend a MN SRC referee clinic, and take the USSF Grade 8 test (if you ref 10 games with GRSC you will earn your $80 of your ref fee back)
  • Complete a MYSA background check (for referees 18 years or older).
  • Inform Lisa Berry-Koeppen through email or phone that you are interested or already ready to ref for the club refcoordinator@greatriversc.org  or 763-350-5233.
  1. Complete these forms and return to the Great River Soccer Club at PO Box 1214, Monticello, MN 55363

What about a uniform and additional equipment?

  1. Uniform

  • Required uniform consists of NEW official’s shirt (yellow and black), black shorts and black socks with three white stripes (all black socks are okay).
  • Any undergarments, gloves and hats must be black
  • Where can I purchase a uniform:
    • Sometimes the clinics have uniforms available.
    • MSC also has some available.

  1. Additional equipment

  • Two watches (with a stopwatch)
  • A coin to toss
  • A whistle
  • Pens
  • Flags
  • Small notebook to write on
  • You must have a phone to use Affinity, MYSA’s game reporting site.

How do referees get assigned to games?

  • You will be assigned a ranking and will be notified of what games you are qualified to officiate.
  • Most games are open to self-select
    • Lisa Berry-Koeppen (Referee Coordinator and Trainer) monitors sign ups to ensure referees are signing up for games at their level.
    • If you are not able to work a game you signed up for, you must find your own replacement.
    • There is a Google Doc that has all of the official’s numbers available to you.  Please always have the schedule and a list of numbers in your officiating bag.

Are there special requirements for new referees, or for younger referees?

  • All new refs are allowed to ref U9 and U10 games and side line U11 until Lisa is able to observe you ref. After that, you are able to move up to ref higher age games.  
  • Referees 17 and under are required to ref a minimum of one Saturday recreational soccer game.  This allows an experienced referee to work with you and help you understand the game better.
  • Referees under 14 must complete additional paperwork required by the Department of Labor to allow them to work prior to turning 14. 

What is the pay scale for being a referee?

  • Refs are paid twice a month.
  • Pay ranges from $15/game to $55/game, depending on
    • Type of game (recreational vs Competitive)
    • Referee position (Center, AR, CL)
    • Age group (U9 to U19)