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New Rec program FAQs

Reference the main Recreational Soccer page for specific info about the program, for other questions see below:

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Locations to be in Monticello, Becker, and Annandale if we get enough kids interested!

What practice night will my child have and how is that determined?

You can now choose your practice night in registration, either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 6-7 pm. If practice night doesn't matter to your family please leave it blank so we can work to create the most evenly sized teams as possible. 

How many practices and games will there be each week?

Each week the kids will have one practice and one game. In the Spring & Fall seasons the games will be on Saturday's, and in the Summer program all activities take place in the evenings Monday-Thursday. 

You have Monticello, Big Lake, Becker, & Annandale listed in the spring locations, what will that look like?

The intent is to give kids a place to play close to home and reduce the time commitment for parents to get their kids to practice and games. Our first priority in offering multiple locations for the Spring and Fall seasons is to ease the burden on parents getting their kids to practice on weeknights. If there are not enough teams in an age group for games at multiple locations, games will be held at Bertram Athletic Complex in Monticello. 

U9-U12 kids are more expensive than the younger kids, why is that?

The older kids program has higher operating costs than the younger ages, for example they use more field space than the younger age groups. Their goals and nets are larger and significantly more expensive as well. In addition they also have referees for all their games, and the referees are paid for their work. 

U11 & U12 age groups are only available in the spring, why are they not available in the other seasons?

Spring is the biggest season. In the past when spring and fall were registered for together, there were still many kids that dropped out in the fall, for example to play other fall sports. This made it hard to field full teams at the older age groups. These older ages were also tried in the summer and had a hard time getting enough players for a team. Another reason we lose kids in the fall is that many decide to move to competitive soccer.

If U11 & U12 kids want to play in the fall they can join the fall competitive program even if they do not want to join the spring/summer competitive program. The fall competitive program is more relaxed and is very similar to the fall rec. program. The season runs for 6 weeks, practices are typically once a week on a weeknight, and games are on weekends. There are only 3 away games, these games are typically close to home against clubs in our area like Rogers or Buffalo.

What age groups will you combine, and why do you combine age groups anyway?

The age groups that will be combined depend on how many kids sign up in each age group. We would like to keep as few age groups together as possible, but we need to have enough teams to be able to play each other. It isn't any fun if you keep an age group by itself then only have 2 teams that play each other every week.

Although we try to combine as few age groups as possible rec. soccer is all about having fun. Having kids of different ages together is not as big of an issue since they are not as aggressive or physical as they would be in competitive soccer. The best way to ensure we combine as few age groups as possible is to encourage as many people as possible to sign up. 

Why is there an extra fee for uniforms?

Rather than purchasing uniforms/t-shirts for every season we have moved to reusable uniforms. This will save money for our families in the long term because they will only need to buy the uniform once. In the past the uniform cost was included because everyone got a new uniform each year, but that cost has now been separated from the registration so those who already have the uniform do not need to purchase it again. 

In addition to saving money these reversible uniforms allow for greater flexibility when forming teams and on game days. Now players can easily switch teams, new players can be added at the last minute, or if one team doesn't have enough players at game time they can borrow a player from the other team.

I was told the people who run this program do not get paid, is that true?

Yes, GRSC has an all volunteer board that runs all our programs. We have very few paid employees, facility attendants at the indoor facility, referees, and we offer small compensation package to our Director of Coaching and Player Development. Other clubs have full time employees, and that greatly increases the cost to run their program. 

How can I help ease the burden on the volunteer board members and help keep prices low?

First, take a look at the volunteer opportunities needed to help run the recreational soccer program. The most needed role is coaching the kids, we need about 1 coach for every 8 kids, and typically we only get 1 volunteer for every 10-12 kids. The board spends a significant amount of time trying to fill the last coaching spots. If you are considering coaching but waiting to see if you are needed, don't wait, sign up right now. 

If coaching is something you feel you just don't have the skills for, there are many other things listed that we need help with. All these rec. soccer roles come with a refund of your child's registration cost at the end of the season. If you still want to do more to help please reach out to a board member and we can see what areas we can match your skills to. Not only do we appreciate every volunteer, the kids do too!