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Recreational Soccer

Covid-19 impact on Recreational Soccer

We have had a great response to our updated recreational soccer program. We were having record registrations in the time frame from the opening of registration until the announcement of Covid-19 related closures.  There was excitement about using Big Lake, about the ability to sign up for one, two, or three sessions, and the other updates were well received as well. We hope to provide these as we move forward, but are not sure what can be done this year and what will have to wait until next year. We are working to determine how to proceed with the season without knowing when we will be back. 

Our current goal is to provide a summer program in Monticello in addition to the Becker program.  The timing of that is still to be determined as there are many variables to consider. From when we will be allowed to play again, when fields will be available due to the compacted competitive season, to when players may be available for soccer based on their other activities.

We do plan to include U11 and U12 in the updated summer program. This program will be weeknights only to leave weekends free for summer activities. Please hang in there while we figure out the logistics with so much yet unknown. We will transfer players or give refunds to those unable to transfer to the summer program, but we appreciate your patience while we get this year figured out.

The Trident of Rec

It serves the community to remove as many barriers to play as possible

It teaches the sport of soccer in both skill and sportsmanship

It encourages continued play

The Registration "Recreational Soccer" is not currently available.

If interested in Recreational Soccer please contact Josh Mauch, Rec Director, at  recdirector@rivereagles.org to determine if there is a team with room for another player.

2020 Recreational Soccer Seasons

Spring Season Summer Season Fall Season
When does the season start April 20th July 13th September 7th
When does the season end June 7th August 20th October 17th
Where is it played Monticello & Big Lake Becker Monticello
When are practices Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday Weekdays Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday
When are games Saturday Mornings Weekdays Saturday Mornings
What age groups U6-U12 U5-U10 U6-U10
What Birth Years 2008-2014 2010-2015 2010-2014
Cost U8 and under $60 $60 $60
Cost U9 and up $80 $80 $80

$10 Discount on each additional season if you register for multiple seasons at once!

Sibling discount of $10 automatically applied when choosing "register another person" prior to checkout.

For answers to frequently asked questions about GRSC's recreational soccer program, or what changed in 2020, click here: Rec. FAQs

Volunteers needed

Safety Info

For the safety of all players the following important items should be noted:

1. No jewelry is allowed to be worn during games and practices. This includes ear ring studs from new piercings. Do not get your child's ears pierced right before the season starts, either do it far enough in advance that ear rings can be removed during games and practice or wait until the season is over.

2. Shin guards are required for all players.

3. Soccer cleats are recommended but not required, Non-soccer cleats will not be allowed!

4. There is no heading in recreational soccer games or during practice.


soccer ball is required for practices, U5-U8 use a size 3 ball while U9-U12 use a size 4.  

Shin guards must be worn under a player's socks at all practices and games.  

Soccer cleats are optional but highly recommended for better traction on the wet grass.


Reusable uniforms are used to save families money while allowing us to provide a better experience for our players. The same jersey will be used year after year so players can reuse their jersey or they can be passed down to family or friends. The cost of the uniforms is separated from the registration fee, allowing you to save money with each new season or year you register. Please indicate what size(s) you will need so we can keep proper inventory on hand.

The full kit included the reversible jersey, shorts, and soccer socks, items may also be purchased individually. We will schedule fittings so you can verify that you chose the correct size, if the size needs to change we can update the information at that time. 

You do not need to use the shorts or socks from the kit, if you already have black shorts and black soccer socks feel free to use them. 

Modifications to the Game

Small-sided game modifications are made for the recreational program. The number of players on the field, the size of the playing field, as well as the ball and goal size are reduced in size to match the size of the players. Small-sided games are favored for the following reasons:

1.     Skill development is enhanced because of more touches on the ball.

2.     Fast acting fun with more actual playing time and real game action.

3.     Excitement is enhanced due to less time to achieve or advance the ball towards the goal.

4.     Exercise is increased since players play both offense and defense.

5.     The available field space is better maximized to serve all youth.

We attempt to base our small sided games MYSA rules but some age groups may be combined, in which case some kids may not be following the suggested parameters for their age group. 

The MYSA small sided game chart can be found here, and additional info from MYSA can be found here.

The Registration "Recreational Soccer" is not currently available.