Below are some of the most common questions that members have asked regarding the merger.  Additional questions will be added as we receive them.  Please feel free to email you question(s) to the President of the club to which you are currently registered.

  1. How will the merger affect the team that I am currently rostered on for 2019?
    A limited number of competitive players will be merged together for the 2019 season. This will be done only as necessary to have viable teams, providing all interested players an opportunity to have a squad, and avoiding a player missing out on the 2019 season.
  2. How will teams be decided in the 2020 season after all the final details of the merger are completed?
    Beginning with the try-outs for the 2020 season, all players will participate as a single group and will be evaluated together for teams in the new club.
  3. Will the name of the new club change from what we currently have?
    The merged club will have a new name.  The name will be, Great River SC.  The name was chosen in a joint effort between the two club boards to keep the Mississippi River as a part of the culture of our new club.
  4. Will the club logo change?
    Yes, effective for the 2020 season.  A new logo will be developed thru a logo contest that will be open to all players in the two clubs.
  5. How will the merger affect the use of fields that we have played on in the past?
    Due to the increased number of teams expected with the merger, the existing fields utilized by both clubs will not be sufficient to support games and practices for all teams.  Field usage in the Monticello, Big Lake, and Becker communities will be needed.
  6. As an existing player, will I have to purchase a new uniform this year?
    No, the respective club will provide a set of jerseys to each player that has to move to a team that has the other club’s uniform.  These jerseys will be provided free of cost to the players that are moving for the 2019 season.  All players will purchase a newly designed uniform for the 2020 season.
  7. If I am new to the club, will I have to buy a uniform for the 2019 season and then another for the 2020 season?
    No, if you are new to either club this year, you will be rented a uniform for the 2019 season so you do not have to make a large investment in a new uniform for one year.  You will purchase the new uniform for the 2020 season.
  8. Will registration fees change for the 2019 season?
    No, registration fees will remain the same at each of the clubs for the current soccer year.  New fees will be set for the 2020 season by the new Great River SC soccer board of directors.
  9. Does the merger affect Recreational soccer as well as Competitive soccer?
    Both programs are part of the merger, however, recreational soccer logistics will be discussed and modified, if necessary, by a committee established by the new board.
  10. How will the current soccer board of directors be affected?
    There will be one board formed between the two clubs to give representation to both organizations.  Open positions will be advertised once the merger details are finalized.
  11. Will current TCU players get to use the indoor facility for winter training?
    Yes, players and teams that are registered with TCU will be given use of the indoor facility for winter training the same as the MSC players. The fees for indoor facility use will be worked out with the TCU board.