Breaking News:


The boards of the Monticello Soccer Club (River Eagles), and Tri-County United Soccer Association believe together we can become a dominant force; therefore, we are excited to announce the merger of our two organizations!


The two clubs have been providing great soccer opportunities to the youth on both sides of the Mississippi for many years. We strongly believe that as a joint organization we can better serve the communities surrounding the Mighty River, opening opportunities to increasingly align players with teams that fit their skill level, while also giving more options to players of all levels. Your new soccer club will be called “Great River SC”, since we will be serving youth on both sides of the greatest river in North America. This new name will become fully effective in the 2020 season.


As with all mergers this will be a prolonged process, and we are just at the beginning. There are many steps already in motion to make this as seamless as possible for all players and parents, but for now we can say that this year there will be no significant changes to previously announced viable teams. These teams will continue as assigned and will be branded with their current clubs uniform and logo for the 2019 season.


In the few age groups where one club does not have enough players to make a viable team, these players will be placed on the most appropriate team regardless of that team’s current brand. In addition we may ask for some volunteers from a few age groups to join teams to even out the rosters. These requests will only come if one club has a very large roster and the other club has a very small one.


Any player signed up now that has a jersey and is moved to a different roster by choice or because there is no team available to them, will be provided the appropriate jersey at no cost for the 2019 season.


If you have any questions about your new club, feel free to ask any board member. MSC board members will be available to answer questions in person during team meetings next week. TCU board members will have a public forum on Monday October 22th from 5:45 to 7:30 at the Big Lake High School lecture room.


More exciting information and details coming soon. We are looking forward to providing an enhanced soccer experience for all youth on both sides of the Great River!


TCU Board


MSC Board